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The raumecho-app is a flexible room acoustics calculator with integrated audio simulation.

Roomcoustics mean that you can be easily heard as a speaker and that your audience feels comfortable. It also creates a feeling of calm in places such as offices, kindergartens and public spaces despite the increased noise level. It makes targeted conversation possible in your bar without the interference from other conversations. It draws attention and creates atmosphere.

Whatever the condition of your rooms and whatever you intend to do with them - the raumecho app makes the difference between your non-optimized and non-optimized rooms audible for you. Our room acoustics calculator enables you to develop a real idea of what your room can sound like.
Simple. Informative. Comprehensible.

raumecho is an engineering office for building physics specializing in room acoustics optimization. We support you with our expertise in creating professional concepts for your room acoustics and implementing them optimally on site. Because: acoustics create space.

If you hear that our raumecho app can help you to better convey your services and products to your customers, then you have the option of purchasing our software for a license fee.


Diese tonangebenden Firmen arbeiten seit Jahren erfolgreich mit unserem Raumakustik-Rechner, um ihren Kunden mit innovativen Produkten hörbare Lösungen anbieten zu können.

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